"Let's talk and rethink to change the way Humans Educate Humans"


We are on a mission to create a Decentralized Knowledge Economy powered by the  wisdom of a community of people who share the same vision and have high energy to educate the crowd through interactive Blogs & Videos collectively termed as Digital Journalism. If we are able to share even 1% our imaginations structured in an efficient manner to act like an advice for the future students, we believe the cumulative network effect would have exponential effect over the period of time ahead and change the way humans educate humans in this digital era of 21st century where mobiles & laptops are our best buddies of life.

Community Efforts scale very well  if Digital World is blended with the Physical World. We facilitate mutual interaction of Edumonk Fellows through our offline workshops & meetups often planned weekly at our headquarters in South Delhi. This hybrid facilitates mutual knowledge sharing and works great for cross collaboration & self knowledge enrichment. We would like to invite Bloggers, Youtube Video Creators & Digital Journalists for mutual collaboration and boost your offline networking efforts through our large network of volunteers, educationists, philanthropists and  edumonk fellows who have joined hands to create a growth oriented knowledge economy and carry different educational interests but are riding on similar chariott of dreams living across various geographies all across the world. These meetups also act as a method to develop self awareness and guide you on how to reprogram your subconscious mind for achieving the success you desire and we as a community help you in taking those baby steps which become the epitome of your future success as an influencer, digital journalist or socialist in the Digital as well as the Physical World.

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